”I suppose that’s what made them revolutionaries. They were all in, with everything they had, and that meant rummaging through defeat and disappointment to find a new plan and cause for hope”.

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Atria Books

Elements : Love, Loss, Pain, Heartbreak, Prostitution, Rape, Profanity, Minorities, Refugees, Anti-Israel, Anti-U.S, Resistance, Culture, Pro-Arab, Joy.

Say hello to one of my FAVOURITE BOOKS of this year.

I have never read a book that is set in the Middle East, so I feel incredibly privileged to have gotten this and it was amazingly eye opening.

It’s raw and brutal, but beautifully written with soothing vibrant scenery and culture.

The media makes us see the Middle East as a epicenter of an endless war zone. They don’t show their weddings, cafés, nightlife, landscapes, farming, harvests…..

Against The Loveless World take us through the life and journey of Yaqoot our main protagonist (who’s also called Nahr, Almas) as she slowly becomes radicalized while searching for a better life for her family throughout the Middle East.

Now locked away in solitary confinement, she spends her days reflecting on the dramatic events that landed her in prison in a country she barely knows. Born in Kuwait to Palestinian refugees, she dreamed of falling in love with the perfect man, raising children, and possibly opening her own beauty salon. Instead, she got jilted by her husband after their brief marriage, her family teeters on the brink of poverty, she’s forced to prostitute herself, and the US invasion of Iraq makes her a refugee, as her parents had been.

”I know in alone here. I’m not delusional. But the way memory animates the past is more real than the present.”

My Thoughts


From the first to the last page, i was hooked on this beautifully written story. With so much emotion and bravery. It is a revealing story and i appreciate the author for putting this story out there as i and many others have zero knowledge of the situations in the Middle East.

The media makes us see the Middle East as a epicenter of an endless war zone. They don’t show their weddings, cafés, nightlife,landscapes, farming, harvests….. So it was a delight to read more on their landscapes, food and clothing woven and rituals through this story.

This was heart-wrenching, lots of tears (but happy ones too) and laughter from the characters as well. Did i say it was eye-opening? I probably have mentioned it before, but that shows how much i have learnt.


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